само за пробва

Munich Information


Посоки Regular Student/Retiree Pupil Kid 4-12 Kid up to 4
180 лв. 170 лв./
160 лв.
150 лв. 105 лв. 55 лв.
92 € 87 €/
82 €
77 € 54 € 28 €
310 лв. 300 лв./
290 лв.
260 лв. 170 лв. 80 лв.
159 € 153 €/
148 €
133 € 87 € 41 €

The prices of the tickets are fixed in Bulgarian lev and in euro as well. Discount in prices benefits the students, retiree, students up to 18 years and children.

Bank Details
ProCredit Bank, BIC PRCBBGSF
bank account in leva - IBAN BG19PRCB92301002609512
bank account in euro - IBAN BG60PRCB92301402609517


Plovdiv - автогара “Юг”
Sofia - автогара “Сердика”
Munich - автогара “Фрьонтманинг”
  Departs Arrive   Departs Arrive
  Plovdiv Sofia Munich   Munich Sofia Plovdiv
Thursday 13:00 h. 16:00 h. 10:00 h. Saturday 16:00 h. 10:00 h. 13:00 h.
Saturday* 13:00 h. 16:00 h. 10:00 h. Monday* 16:00 h. 10:00 h. 13:00 h.

The annual regular schedule of the buses from Sofia/Plovdiv to Munich is every Thursday at 13.00/16.00 and every Saturday from Munich to Sofia/Plovdiv at 16.00. Seasonal bus line schedule from July till October – every Saturday from Plovdiv/Sofia to Munich at 13.00/16.00 and every Monday from Munich to Sofia/Plovdiv at 16.00.

Additional travels will be announced in section “News”.


The route of the buses goes transit through the following countries: Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and near the following cities – Beograd, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Fillah, Salzburg.


How much luggage could be transported – hand luggage and luggage carrier?

With every ticket the passenger could transport two suitcases with max. proportions 100/60/30 each, as well as a small hand luggage. Each extra luggage is chargeable. Additional luggage can only be taken if there is enough capacity in luggage carrier.

How much time does the journey takes/ duration of the breaks during the journey?

The journey lasts about 18 hours. The breaks are about every 3 hours.

How much time the passenger must be at the bus station before departure?

Every passenger must be at the bus station at least 45 min. before departure, otherwise he/she could be considered absent and the seat could be given to somebody else.

Terms for crossing borders, required documents during the travel?

For the entire European Union is required only ID card, incl. Serbia. Children under 18 years old, who travels alone or with one of their parents has to present at the Bulgarian border a declaration /original and one copy/, signed by both of the parents/ one of them. The Declaration must be notorized and must declare that both of the parents/ one of them allow the child to travel alone or with one of the parents. The carrier is not liable for passport, visa and custom problems of the passengers.


The ticket itself is insurance during the travel. Every passenger could conclude Medical insurance for his staying abroad.

Does the company offers its customers in the bus beverages, video, Wi-Fi?

In the bus are offered beverages, coffee, tea and bear. It has working WC and video. It has Wi-fi for the territory of Bulgaria and Serbia.