Travel terms

  1. The carrier provides the holder of a valid ticket transportation on the destination indicated, as well as free transportation of his personal luggage, consisting of a suitcase and a handbag per person/ ticket with maximum suitcase size of 100/60/30. Each additional luggage is chargeable. Additional luggage can only be taken if there is enough capacity in the baggage – boots of the coach.
  2. The carrier is not liable for passport, visa and custom problems of the passengers, which are entirely their responsibility, as well as for insurances for “Life”and “Medical expenses”risks. In cases of passport and custom issues of the passenger, when it takes more than 30min. , the carrier isn’t obligated to continue the travel of the passenger. The price of the ticket isn’t refundable.
  3. Every passenger must keep safe his ticket till the end of the trip. It is required the passenger to check-in 45min. before departure, otherwise the passenger could be considered absent and the seat could be given to somebody else.
  4. Cancellation fees:
  • Cancellation made within 72 h prior to the departure, 10% deduction from the full fare;
  • 72h up to 24h to the departure – 50% deduction;
  • Within less than 24h – no refund the same for lost or stolen ticket.
  1. The validity of the return tickets is 180 days. Open-return tickets are accepted as an exception, depending on the available seats in the bus. In case of lack of available seats in the bus, the carrier is not liable.
  2. The carrier is not liable for delays due to unforeseen conditions or other instances of force-majeure, as well as for lost or stolen luggage before the check-in at the bus and after the handing over of the luggage at the final station.
  3. In case of failure of the trip due to fault of the carrier, the carrier is obligated to refund the price only for the unfulfilled part of the trip.
  4. Smoking in the bus is forbidden during the entire journey.
  5. The use of the individual seat belts in the bus during the journey is obligatory throughout Europe. Fines are paid personally.
  6. Every passenger is personally and financially liable for damages, caused by him/her on the vehicle.
  7. Every passenger is personally and financially liable for violation of Shengen regulations for traveling abroad. Fines are paid personally.

Buying a ticket, the passenger concludes a contract for transportation with the carrier, who assumes his responsibilities pursuant to Art.42-48 of the Vehicle Transportation Act /State Gazette, No60/22.07.2004./